Transferable print quota - Student to Student

Have a way to transfer your print quota from student to student.


I know some Biology/health Science/Pharmacy/Chemistry majors blow through their print quota in a matter of weeks. Is there a possible to move a person's from one account to another. I am sure this will receive lots of support from Science majors


Biometric Fingerprint Scanners for Door Locks

Fingerprint scanners on dorm-room doors and proctor sign-in stations. I'm very forgetful and have locked myself out enough times to get OSCCR's attention. I feel this would be rather convenient for when I go to shower, not having to worry about grabbing my Husky card every time I leave the room.

Biometric scanners are becoming more accurate, dependable and cheaper. If successful, an expansion to Curry Center and dining... more »


New/Bigger Gym

Our school has probably close to 20,000 people who have access to Marino and squashbusters. How do we not have another gym? Either make one of the gyms bigger somehow or throw in another gym similar to squashbusters and squeeze it in Curry or something. A gym the size of squashbusters isn't very expensive. Too many people get home from Co-Op at the same time and the gyms are over crowded. Putting a gym near curry would... more »


Ban Campus Webcams

Are you kidding me? There are now live campus webcams (Centennial Common, Curry, Marino, Krentzman Quad). This is very unnecessary and violates our privacy. Anyone in the world can see this. Please at least limit the access to the NU community only. Better yet ban them all together.


To see the webcams I'm referring to, go to:


Free-printing inside school!

Currently we get 120$ of free printing, but lot of students always exceed that amount and use own money to print. I used way too much money on printing weekly.

On the other hand, there are many activities, student club events and etc going on inside the school; however, not many people have access to all of this information simply because lots of these events are spread through flyers, word of mouth or facebook event... more »


New Fight Song

So after hearing the Northeastern Fight Song, I was kinda cringing after. A fight song is supposed to be intimidating. The words "We sing in jubilee" should not be found within a 100 mile radius of a fight song. I know Northeastern only fields a couple of decent teams, namely hockey. The song does sound better when sang by thousands of people in an arena, but you could do the same thing with "Happy Birthday" and it would... more »


Rethink Res Life Safety Checks and Regulations

It is not necessary to do safety checks on dorm rooms. Res Life staff will only be in each room for 5 seconds, and cannot look through drawers or anything not directly visible. Anyone with dorm contraband will just hide it, not remove it. Res Life knows this well- they say make sure prohibited items are "not visible" rather than "not present." What is the point of checking to see if students know how to hide things?... more »