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Printing via Northeastern Mobile App

Mobile devices (phones and tablets) are able to view many document formats. It would be extremely helpful to be able to do print orders using the Northeastern App. Basically, you open the document (or web page) you want to print in the app, choose the appropriate printing preferences then click "print", afterwards it can ask about the username and job name.


Require Reservations for Group Study Spaces on 1st & 2nd Floor

The new group study areas are beautiful, but are not being utilized appropriately by some students. Too often I see it being used as an area for friends to just hangout or just one individual using a whole conference room for themselves. Part of this issue can be derived from not being required to reserve the room. Enabling the requirement of reservations will open up more group space to students who really need it. Another... more »


More ways for students to be creative & for clubs to advertise

Other schools like the University of Rochester don't let their wall space go to waste. Their tunnel system is filled with club advertisements and creative artwork (and even some not-so-creative artwork) that is painted directly onto the tunnel walls. How cool would it be if we were able to utilize our tunnels (or any other available space if ventilation is a problem) as a way of creative expression that anyone can be... more »


Hubway discounts for students that other schools currently offer

I am proposing a subsidized hubway membership to reduce the amount of bike thefts on campus, help the environment and help students got to class and co-op. Currently other schools are offering their students steep discounts for hubways.

This will help students on co-op get to nearby co-ops without needing to pay for an expensive Monthly MBTA pass or a car.

MIT and Harvard both give a discount to their students... more »


Free-printing inside school!

Currently we get 120$ of free printing, but lot of students always exceed that amount and use own money to print. I used way too much money on printing weekly.

On the other hand, there are many activities, student club events and etc going on inside the school; however, not many people have access to all of this information simply because lots of these events are spread through flyers, word of mouth or facebook event... more »


New/Better Campus Activities

There needs to be more campus activities this year, utilizing Centennial. When I was a freshman in the fall of 2010, Chiddy Bang put on a concert in Centennial. This kind of stuff brings our school together. I think it was put on by the pike frat, but I am sure the school can figure something out. Outdoor concerts are the best. We have a quad. Those 2 things kind of work together. If not a concert, then a carnival or... more »


Re-allow credit cards as a tuition payment option

Using credit cards to pay for tuition has allowed many people to gain cash back rewards. As such, the credit card payment option had been a convenient and attractive one. The recent policy change means that many people lose the opportunity to earn that reimbursement from the bank. Besides, not everyone would like to pay via "electronic checks, checks by mail, wire transfers, payment plans via TuitionPay and International... more »


Template of Syllabuses for Academic Departments

The Psychology Department posts a template of all the syllabuses for each section of each course being offered each semester, on their website. It is really useful for pre-registration times and course planning in general. Northeastern should make this mandatory by having other departments follow suit. I do not see why other departments have not.


Improve Recycling in the Library

Anywhere there is a garbage can, there should be a recycling bin. The average student is unfortunately most likely not going to go hunt down a recycling bin when a garbage bin is closer. There are a few near the entrances to the floors but none throughout the rest of the floor. Also, if there are ANY on the first floor, I have yet to find them (besides the one in Argo). It's so simple but it can make a huge difference.... more »