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I know a lot has been done in past years to improve the printing situation and I am really a huge fan of the swipe and go printing. But all of this progress has been made null and void by the breakdown of the high speed printers. According to info commons employees, there are no plans to either fix or replace the broken printers. We have a higher volume of students now printing more than ever. Nearly any time of the... more »


Transferable print quota - Student to Student

Have a way to transfer your print quota from student to student.


I know some Biology/health Science/Pharmacy/Chemistry majors blow through their print quota in a matter of weeks. Is there a possible to move a person's from one account to another. I am sure this will receive lots of support from Science majors


IV Printer Maintenance

The printer in IV is always out of paper. If it isn't out of paper, there is some kind of jam or swipe connection problem or toner problem or dead animal inside it that makes a noise when you try to print anything.

I know no one can really anticipate the technical/biological problems with that printer, but can we at least put it behind a proctor's station so that people don't take the paper out for their own printers?... more »

Mobile App

Printing via Northeastern Mobile App

Mobile devices (phones and tablets) are able to view many document formats. It would be extremely helpful to be able to do print orders using the Northeastern App. Basically, you open the document (or web page) you want to print in the app, choose the appropriate printing preferences then click "print", afterwards it can ask about the username and job name.