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IV Printer Maintenance

The printer in IV is always out of paper. If it isn't out of paper, there is some kind of jam or swipe connection problem or toner problem or dead animal inside it that makes a noise when you try to print anything.

I know no one can really anticipate the technical/biological problems with that printer, but can we at least put it behind a proctor's station so that people don't take the paper out for their own printers?... more »


Free-printing inside school!

Currently we get 120$ of free printing, but lot of students always exceed that amount and use own money to print. I used way too much money on printing weekly.

On the other hand, there are many activities, student club events and etc going on inside the school; however, not many people have access to all of this information simply because lots of these events are spread through flyers, word of mouth or facebook event... more »