class selection reform

Has anyone ever experienced the annoying task of spending too much time looking for course? The current system is hard to look through and not user friendly. I want the 'Schedule of Classes' program to be reformed so that looking for classes is more stream lined and tailored to the individual.

improvements should include

- comments on the class and teacher right next to the course description

- courses tailored to individual progress (i.e. highlight classes i should/can take)

- give scheduling options for the classes selected (for example does this however, it does not account for classes that are full)

- and general redesign just to look better so things are easier to read/ find


We have money for plasma screen TVs in every building so we definitely have enough money to hire a web designer. I feel this improvement would make life so much easier come registration time. It would save time and eliminate a whole lot aggravation. Do you guys agree...disagree?


Idea No. 59