New Fight Song

So after hearing the Northeastern Fight Song, I was kinda cringing after. A fight song is supposed to be intimidating. The words "We sing in jubilee" should not be found within a 100 mile radius of a fight song. I know Northeastern only fields a couple of decent teams, namely hockey. The song does sound better when sang by thousands of people in an arena, but you could do the same thing with "Happy Birthday" and it would sound just as good. But still, we want opposing teams to feel scared when they play us, it can give a big mental edge to the other team. I mean, Alabama has the "Roll Tide!", Auburn has the "War Eagle", all songs that strike fear in the other teams hearts. Northeastern also the two most intimidating colors for the school colors, black and red. You know who wears black? Darth Vader does. Zorro does. Batman does. Red is the color of the Romans, arguably the greatest empire ever. Red is the color of victory, competition, and blood. We need a fight song worthy of those colors. I propose the music department work on creating a homegrown Northeastern fight song, one that is intimidating, heartfelt, and will shake Matthews Arena when the Student body sings it.


Idea No. 80