Hubway discounts for students that other schools currently offer

I am proposing a subsidized hubway membership to reduce the amount of bike thefts on campus, help the environment and help students got to class and co-op. Currently other schools are offering their students steep discounts for hubways.


This will help students on co-op get to nearby co-ops without needing to pay for an expensive Monthly MBTA pass or a car.


MIT and Harvard both give a discount to their students

With MIT's discount ending up being $25/year


Harvard's discount being $50/year


Since all NEU students go on co-op across the city and world, NEU has a unique need for hubways more so than other schools which currently give discounts for students to commute to class.


These discounts will give students an environmentally friendly way to commute without needing to worry about bike theft, storage and maintenance while giving students exercise while commuting to class.

Idea No. 138