Free-printing inside school!

Currently we get 120$ of free printing, but lot of students always exceed that amount and use own money to print. I used way too much money on printing weekly.


On the other hand, there are many activities, student club events and etc going on inside the school; however, not many people have access to all of this information simply because lots of these events are spread through flyers, word of mouth or facebook event pages which are inefficient.


To solve these two problems, we have come up with Free-printing idea.

We place banner advertisements(ex. student related events) on the bottom one inch margin of the paper to cover the cost and allow students to have absolutely free printing. (receive money from advertisers)


These advertisements are targeted. When students register in the platform, they will tell us their gender, major and grade which allow advertisers to target audience more easily.


Students clubs and others who advertise inside the campus are already using their advertising budgets on posters, flyers, etc. but these platforms are often inefficient.


We believe that this free-printing idea will raise the satisfactory level of students and tie university campus community together.


This idea is currently operating in University of Chicago, Northwestern University and IIT in Chicago. I already talked with them to get the software and etc and ready to start in NEU.


Students love the idea since they can free print and also receive relevant informations.


This is not a complicated process, since we provide everything: Computer, Printer, software, toner and paper. There is nothing we require from school except the space where we can locate the printer. The space we need is very small, simply corner of the building.


Student, we need your support!

Idea No. 137