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Campus Boldering Cave/Rock Climbing Area

Would there be any interest in a rock climbing wall or boldering cave on campus? Not only is it a great venue for exercise but going to a rock climbing facility in/near Boston tends to be expensive and time consuming so this addition to campus would be beneficial to many. It's just a manner of getting enough interest to go forward with this.


More meal swipe deals

I have had the meal plan for four semesters now, and frankly the dining hall is a little tiring. I really enjoy the west end, always a great meal and counts as a swipe, along with Rebeccas. i would like to see more vendors like pizza hut, wendys, BHOP, Dangelos have meals that count as one meal swipe. This would greatly enhance student selection, and make the meal plan a better value and more attractive.


Campus Bar & Grill

Campus Bar & Grill. Other universities have bars and/or grills that are open late --and we should too.It keeps students close to campus especially on cold winter nights and the University could make some money off of it.


Northeastern used to have a bar in the Curry Student Center and they sell alcoholic beverages in the alumni center currently.


Get Actual Software Licenses Rather than MyApps

Other schools allow students to download actual versions of SPSS, Microsoft Office, MATLAB, etc... in normal application format. The MyAPPS virtual desktop client is inconvenient for students for many reasons. Many times the connection is slow and buggy. We also shouldn't have to be tied to an internet connection in order to get work done. If other schools can give their students direct access to the programs to download... more »